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County Library Offers Advanced Watercolors Course
Release Date: July 13, 2011

Would you like to attend a vibrantly fun watercolor workshop that will challenge your skills? The Cape May County Library will offer a six-week art class “Fearless Watercolors for Intermediates” presented by Sue Rau at 9:30 a.m. on Saturdays beginning August 27th. The program will take place at Upper Cape Library located at 2050 Route 631, Petersburg.
If you have met the challenges of previous art classes and are looking to step it up, now would be a great time to move forward in the art of watercolor.
Susan Rau has been an artist in South Jersey for many years. Rau teaches at the Ocean City Arts Center (OCAC) and the Ocean City Fine Arts League (OCFAL). Rau shows her work at the OCAC, the OCFAL, the Riverfront Renaissance Arts Center and the Hammonton Arts Center. Additionally, she has a studio at The Consortium on High Street in Millville.
Registration required. For more information please call 886-8999.
Below are recommended materials for the watercolor artist:
Yellow: Lemon Yellow or Aureolin (better)
Reds: Permanent Rose
Blues: Ultramarine Blue
Rau uses Da Vinci or Winsor & Newton brand paints. Larger tubes are more economical!
If you have more colors, that is great. I keep a limited palette of red, blue, and yellow. Mixing is fun!
#8 Round
Large Flat for washes
#1 Rigger or Liner
Brushes are soft and short-handled. You can have as many brushes as you like. These are just to get you started.
140 lb. tablet or sheets
Block is okay.
General Supplies:
Drawing paper (tablet) Paper towels
Pencil Tape (masking)
Palette Board to work on
Water container (foamcore will work)
Kneaded eraser

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