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Inmate Records Now On Cape May County Sheriff’s Website
Release Date: September 03, 2010


Cape May County Sheriff Gary Schaffer announced that information on incarcerated inmates is now available on the Sheriff’s Office Website www.cmcsheriff.net. Information includes inmate’s name, age, inmate ID number, committed date, committing authority, charges, bail, and any detainers.

“This information is public record and our officers and our county MIS department have developed a program that enables us to transfer this state information to our website. This information will assist the law enforcement, public and the local media with current up-to-date information on incarcerated inmates,” said Sheriff Schaffer.

The list will be updated at least once per day, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. The "Correctional Center Population List" is updated as frequently as possible and is subject to change without notice.

Sheriff Schaffer added, “By posting this information, I anticipate a reduction in phone calls to our staff on bail inquiries, criminal charges, detainers, law enforcement requests on inmates, media requests for information and status of inmates and calls reference to status for visitation. Last year alone we had almost 9,800 visitations and thousands of phone call requests for various information that the posting of this information should reduce. Valuable officers’ time in the records bureau will be freed up for other important tasks.”

The following information is available on the Website:

•  Inmate's Name: The name of the incarcerated inmate will appear for each active charge that is filed. If an inmate has five charges his/her name will appear five times. The names are in alphabetical order according to last name.
• Age: The current age of the inmate.
• Inmate ID: This is the file number that is assigned to an inmate the first time he/she is incarcerated in the Cape May County Correctional Center. This number will remain the same for subsequent incarcerations thereafter. This number only applies to incarcerations at the Cape May County Correctional Center. The inmate’s ID number should be used when writing the inmate and when scheduling visits.
• Committed Date: The date which the inmate was committed for the current incarceration only. We will not list the incarceration history of the inmate on the website.
• Committing Authority: The agency that issued the charge.
• Charges: The original charge issued by the committing authority as it appears on the charging documents. As the charges are satisfied, either by paying the bail or an order from the associated court or completion of a sentence, the charge will be removed from the website on the next update.
•  Bail: The current bail status of the charge. Bail for each indictable charge is subject to a $30.00 non-refundable fee required by the State of New Jersey. This fee is not reflected on the bail amount displayed. While the information provided is updated daily, it should not be relied upon if someone wants to post bail for the inmate. We ask that all bail information be confirmed with Jail Records by calling 609-465-1240 prior to posting bail.
** Remember, if you are going to pay bail for an inmate, all monies posted must be exact change. We do not have change nor can we "Just keep the extra."
       o A $0.00 amount shown in the bail column means:

                          ¤  the bail will be set within 24 hours or; 
                          ¤ the charge is a no bail warrant and the inmate must appear in court before  
                             the judge or;
                          ¤ the inmate has been sentenced.
• Detainer: A charge that is from an agency outside of Cape May County. You will have to call Jail Records to obtain bail information, if any.

Anyone wishing to schedule a visit should call (609) 465-1233 and listen for directions. 

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