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2006 Cape May County Travel & Tourism Expenditures  

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2006 Travel and Tourism Expenditures in Cape May County

Data gathered by Global Insight, Inc. for NJ Office of Travel and Tourism

 Total Dollars generated in Cape May County
in 2006 was $4.854 Billion.


$2.22    Billion


 $1.05    Billion


 $893.2  Million


$616.5  Million


 $82.5    Million


                    Key Facts:

      Cape May County ranks 2nd in the State in tourism dollars generated, Atlantic County is ranked first.

  • 64% of Cape May County's economy comes from tourism, the highest in the state.
  • Cape May County's tourism expenditures grew by 9.3% or $215 million in 2006.
  • 50.8% of the total statewide tourism expenditures come from Cape May, Atlantic and Cumberland Counties.
  • 20% of the total statewide accommodations are located in Cape May County.
  • 45% of our total tourism expenditures come from the Accommodations sector and represents a decrease of 10% since 2004.
  • The Accommodations sector expenditures have remained flat since 2004 at $2.2 Billion.
  • The Entertainment sector expenditures grew by 60% in 2006.
  • 49.7% of the total statewide 'second homes/vacation homes' are located in Cape May County.
  • 47% of all of Cape May County homes are 'second homes'.
  • 77% of Cape May County visitors are from outside of New Jersey.
  • 13% of all statewide tourism expenditures are generated by Cape May County.
  • 32,000 or 1 in 3 jobs in Cape May County are generated through tourism.
  • 66% of our visitors are return visitors, 1 in 3 are new to the Jersey Cape.
  • Cape May County generates approximately $18 million in Occupancy Tax
  • Eco-tourism generated $522 million in 2006.
  • An estimated 19 million visitors come to Cape May County annually.
  • Rental expenditures generated $1.51 billion in 2006.

    Cape May County Tourism Generates the following:

Jobs                 State Tax         Occupancy Tax        Local Tax

32,750               $450 million      $177 million             $202 million


Winter Population*    Summer Population*              Overnight Trips**   Day Trips**

  102,326                     634,532 (average weekend Jul/Aug)    5 million                 14.5 million

* source: CMC Department of Planning           **based on 2001 NJ Office of Travel and Tourism Study.

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