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Board of Social Services  
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    Board of Social Services
    4005 Route 9 South
    Rio Grande, New Jersey 08242

    Kristine Gabor, Freeholder

    Sara E. Maloney, Acting Deputy Director

    Hours of Operation: 8:30 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. Monday through Friday

    To contact us please call (609) 886-6200 or Fax us at (609) 889-9332


    The Cape May County Board of Social Services is committed to providing economic and social services to individuals and families residing in Cape May County based upon eligibility criteria.

    Cape May County Board of Social Services Official Website

    The following is a list of services and programs that are available at our location. All of these services require that you meet the eligibility criteria established by the program. These descriptions are meant for informational purposes only. They are not to be used to determine eligibility or to disqualify anyone from receiving services. If you find yourself in need of any services please contact the agency in person for information.

    Work First New Jersey oversees the TANF (Temporary Assistance to Needy Families) program that provides assistance to Families that helps them to become self-sufficient.

    General Assistance Program is a State run program that is available to eligible single adults.

    Food Stamps helps individuals purchase groceries to meet their daily dietary requirements in order to maintain their health and the families health.

         Apply for Food Stamps online:

    Adult Medicaid
    is available to those that are 65 or older, blind, aged or disabled. Medicaid helps to provide basic medical care for the eligible participant.

    Family Medicaid is available to qualified families that need medical care.

         Apply for FamilyCare online:

    Emergency Assistance
    program provides various, short term, assistance for individuals in a crisis situation.

    Adult and Family Social Services oversee an array of programs to assist individuals and families in need.

    Additional Agencies Located in this Building:

    Department of Aging- Phone: (609) 886-8138

    Veteran’s Bureau- Phone: (609) 886-2762

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